The Adventures of Mister Funky Continue


Poet Larry Beresford is a freelance medical journalist, blogger and author of The Hospice Handbook, published by Little, Brown & Co.

His first volume of poetry, Under a Gibbous Moon: The Adventures of Mister Funky, was issued in 1996 by Broken Shadow Publications. A collection of humorous poetry written in the alter ego of Mister Funky, it explores the concept espoused by Celine in Journey to the End of the Night: “Ah, my friend, this world is nothing but a vast attempt to catch you with your trousers down.”

In October 2009 he participated in the collaborative exhibit “Where Do I Belong?” at the Bella Vista Gallery in Chicago, partnering with visual artist Marina Iorio of Naples, Italy, to produce the poem “Mapping the Mysteries.” See a broadside of the poem here. Learn more about Marina Iorio’s art at her lovely site.

His poetry has been published by the Berkeley Poets Cooperative, The Noe Valley Voice, Minotaur, the Berkeley Daily Planet and the Saturday Salon Literary Harvest 2010. He frequently performs on the Bay Area open reading circuit with his wife Rose Mark, a special educator, poet and food essayist.

They live in Oakland, California, with their dog Maggie. Larry is also a hospice volunteer, a road bicyclist and famous for his red beans and rice.

Their wonderful grandsons, Osirus, 4, and O’Shea, 4 weeks, live in San Francisco.

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